Multifamily / Apartment Management Law

Multifamily / Apartment Management Law
We provide our clients with assistance for all of their multifamily/apartment needs throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. As government agencies adopt more regulations regarding the operation of multifamily and apartment communities, we help residential property owners and managers maintain compliance in their policies and procedures. Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC has extensive experience in protecting the business interests of multifamily apartment owners and managers by creating sound strategies and tools — including leases and addendums — that meet many goals, yet stay within regulatory compliance.

The growing demand for rental homes coupled with the growing number of governmental regulations has put a strain on the day-to-day operation of multifamily apartment communities. It is our goal to help our clients realize an improved return on investment and opportunities for future growth through our guidance. To that end, we represent and counsel multifamily property owners and managers in all phases of multifamily and apartment law, including:

  • Formulating Strategies for Good Management Procedures and Policies
  • Creating and Revising Leases and Addendums
  • Addressing Environmental Complaints including Mold Complaints
  • Addressing Fair Housing and other Governmental Complaints
  • Addressing Permissible Resident Conduct and Rules
  • Ensuring Compliance with Laws Applicable to Security Deposits
  • Employment Practice Compliance
  • Assisting with Lease Terminations
  • Advising on Rental Collection Procedures
  • Reviewing and Advising on Resident Qualification Procedures
  • Summary Ejectment/Eviction Hearings and Appeals
  • Multifamily Purchase, Sale, and Refinance
  • Multifamily Syndication
  • Multifamily Repositioning

Walk the Talk

Our attorneys work for you at the local, regional, state and federal levels even when you have not yet retained them. They sit on and chair committees at the regional level such as the Triangle Apartment Association Government Affairs Committee, New Lease on Life Program, and Triangle Government Alliance. They act as counsel and board members to regional apartment associations, and sit on the Board of Directors of the Apartment Association of North Carolina. They are also involved on a national level sitting on the National Apartment Association's Legislative Committee, Independent Rental Owners Committee, and Capital Conference Committee. Further, our attorneys regularly assist the multifamily apartment industry by taking part in the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Federal lobbying days.