Property Tax Appeal

At Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC, we concentrate on tax appeals of multifamily communities and commercial properties and work with experienced appraisers and real estate experts to prepare a clear and comprehensive argument based on the unique nature of your property. This is extremely important for multifamily and commercial properties, which require a more in depth financial analysis and market review when establishing true market value, or equalized value, depending on the municipality.

There are strict deadlines, filing requirements and fees involved in the tax appeal process. Wake County will accept requests for informal reviews until March 1. Beginning March 2, the Wake County Board of Equalization and Review will accept formal appeals until it adjourns on May 28, which is the last day to file an appeal of the 2020 valuation. To this extent, it is incumbent upon you to contact us today to discuss potentially reducing your property taxes.