Real Estate Syndication

In today's economy, there are many distressed properties available for acquisition, such as multifamily apartment communities, REO single-family homes, residential rental properties and commercial real estate. Many buyers find it advisable to partner with friends, relatives or others to raise the necessary funds. This is essentially the basis for Real Estate Syndication.

Syndication allows investors to work together to purchase real estate they could not afford individually. Another advantage of Real Estate Syndication is that the risk is spread out among many investors, in the event of a problem.

Brownlee Whitlow Praet & File, PLLC has experience putting partners together in Syndications.

Brownlee Whitlow Praet & File, PLLC can draft comprehensive Private Placement Memoranda and Subscription Agreements, which allow equity to be raised from potential investors to fund new opportunities. We know how to legally structure these types of real estate transactions. We also know the importance of properly drafting Operating Agreements and Shareholder Agreements, which disclose and resolve potential partner issues at the beginning of the relationship to avoid disputes down the road.

Our real estate lawyers can assist you with all aspects of Real Estate Syndication, including:

  • LLC Operating Agreements
  • Financing
  • Multifamily/Apartment Repositioning
  • New Construction Projects
  • Compliance with Securities Laws
  • Professional Property Management

Although we are not CPAs and do not provide tax advice, we are able to work closely with your CPA or we can recommend one who is experienced with Real Estate Syndication.